Theatre for the People By the People

Established in 1969
Fifty-Two Years of Live Theatre
TOR is a 5013c not for profit organization

The mission of the Theatre of the Republic (TOR) is to be a major cultural resource. We shall do so by providing affordable, quality theatre which provides diversity in our offerings to the community. This includes diversity in the selection of plays produced, diversity in the content of the programs presented, diversity in the casts and production crews who participate, and diversity in the opportunities provided to experienced and aspiring artists. We believe it is important that TOR engender inclusiveness that cuts across racial lines, gender roles, religious views, socio-economic status, age groups, and sexual orientation for both the artists and the community.

Meet Our Staff and Board of Directors 

Tim McGhee



Brock Santa

Costume Designer

Ellen Leftwich

Box office

Bruce Thompson

Box Office 

 Eric Shultz

Set Designer/

Daniel Elliot

Sound Design
Video Design

Brian Carter

Light Designer

Robin Mosely

Light Designer

Ray Dobell

Music Teacher Horry County Schools 

Cookie McMillian
Vice President

Crisis Counselor at Conway Medical Center at The State of SC/WCMH Conway , SC

Laura Flint

Owner Specialty Physical Therapy Myrtle Beach SC 

Darla Gore
Board Member

Aynor, SC

Dan Fedele
Board Member

State Farm Insurance Conway &
Myrtle Beach SC

Jeff Hardwick
Board Member

Encore Florals and Wine
Conway SC

Eileen Fink Board Member  

 Specialty Physical Therapy Myrtle Beach SC 

Lifetime Board Members

Emma Lou Johnson Conway, SC
Janet Mayer Conway, SC
Wayne Chestnut Aynor, SC 

[email protected]